Thursday, August 8, 2019

Ballot Returns by Status Date for 2018 Primary for BE,KP,TH,WM,YA

Election date for the charts below is 08/07/2018. In the "stampless ballot" era, the largest returns are often the day after the election. Drop boxes are probably fully collected but certainly locked by 8PM on election day.  Mail in ballots sent Monday and Tuesday flow to postal collection centers (e.g. Seattle), receive a postmark in the evening and return the next day or the day after as mail is not necessarily delivered to County Elections offices on Tuesday. County election departments can 'process and then tabulate' a fixed amount each day at given labor/machine capacities. Thus, two days after the election is over, some counties are still processing ballots that are part of classical election returns  and not part of certification period "curing" of previously rejected (e.g. challenged) ballots. Click to enlarge charts.

2018 Primary Ballot Returns  by StatusDate for BE, KP, TH, WM, YA. Election Date was 08/07/2018.

2018 Primary Return Data came from multiple voting systems. Click to Enlarge.

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