Friday, December 11, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2015 Whatcom County GE: GIS Code Part I

Whatcom County 2015 GE Votes Good Per Precinct by quartile class interval.  Click to Enlarge.  More maps and political piece here

2015 Whatcom County GE: GIS Code Part II

County Executive difference per precinct (Jack Louws - Joy Gilfilen). Click to Enlarge.  More maps and political piece here.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Voting Analysis Code for 2015

 By precinct diffs. Those points above the horizontal blue 0 line are precincts that sided with Jack Luows. Those points left of the vertical red 0 line are precincts that voted against the jail.   (Vertical Axis: (Louws - Gilfilen) ~ Horizontal Axis ( Jail_Yes - Jail_No)) . Strong relationships are revealed between those precincts voting  more for Jack and the Jail  (far right) and those voting more for Joy and not for the Jail (bottom left).  The dense 'crook' in the middle of the graph represents those precincts still mostly totaling for Jack  Luows but very split in voting for or against the jail.  Click to enlarge.

Political piece here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Introducing xi (11.71875 or 187.5/16) : A trans-dimensional constant that links pi and e ?

In this code, I introduce 'xi'  (11.71875) a constant with strong relationships to both pi and e . 'Xi' (11.71875 or (187.5/16)) is a 'translator constant' between powers of 2 and 16.  More than simply being an efficient means to compute pi or e (e.g. 'Eulers number'), 'Xi' may 'interpolate' between pi and e, giving science the means to measure logarithmic growth patterns of increasing radii. This may make it useful for gravitational and rotational calculations. It is possible that the 187.5 cm-3 pc represents some fixed attenuation limit  (see for radio wave signals that require either boosting or chirping.  The relationships between pi, e, and xi (187.5./16 = 11.71875) may represent fixed constants descriptive of all  EM signaling. In addition, the constants that describe the circumscribing of an octahedron (sqrt(1/2)) and (sqrt(1/6)) can also be used to derive xi with a factor close to 9/16.  I am neither mathematician, scientist, or statistician. So all of this code is supposition and a work in progress. -RMF

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Code for Whatcom Jail Booking Press Release Data for 2015 (January 1 - June 19)

Political piece is here. Web query code is unpublished.  Project and Data Analysis are ongoing and subject to revision. -RMF

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Code for FBI UCR, WASPC, OFM WA SAC data

"For years, my native city of Oakland, CA has poured millions of dollars of our general fund and other monies into our possible department and city jail; fighting what is often a pitched war against narcotics trafficking and the social results of narcotics trafficking. The battle never seems to have  a winner, just brief respites.  A brief respite in Oakland ( a city of 400K ) means 60 - 80 homicides a year. Full pitched casualties in a year of pitched battle means 150 - 160 homicides.  To give you some example of what that war feels like to civilians: In 2013, the state of WA (pop then 6.8M) had 129 homicides.  When you grow up inside that war, you hear gunfire on a weekly basis. You know what it is like to be shot at with automatic gunfire.  You see guns, drugs, and gang presences frequently enough to where to walk at what risk level when." from  .  Code below the break.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Code to look at ERIC updates

Under Construction
To make this code work you need to ask your election official to include the fields:

UserCode1 # ERIC update flag

in your voter history.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is there a relationship between turnout and voter updates?

Is there a relationship between turnout and voter updates?
This is code to chart relationships between voter last updates and turnout per precinct. Political piece here. Under Construction 9:31 AM 1/7/2015 -RMF