Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Code for FBI UCR, WASPC, OFM WA SAC data

"For years, my native city of Oakland, CA has poured millions of dollars of our general fund and other monies into our possible department and city jail; fighting what is often a pitched war against narcotics trafficking and the social results of narcotics trafficking. The battle never seems to have  a winner, just brief respites.  A brief respite in Oakland ( a city of 400K ) means 60 - 80 homicides a year. Full pitched casualties in a year of pitched battle means 150 - 160 homicides.  To give you some example of what that war feels like to civilians: In 2013, the state of WA (pop then 6.8M) had 129 homicides.  When you grow up inside that war, you hear gunfire on a weekly basis. You know what it is like to be shot at with automatic gunfire.  You see guns, drugs, and gang presences frequently enough to where to walk at what risk level when." from http://www.bellinghampoliticsandeconomics.com/2015/03/thought-about-new-jail-selected-violent.html  .  Code below the break.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Code to look at ERIC updates

Under Construction
To make this code work you need to ask your election official to include the fields:

UserCode1 # ERIC update flag

in your voter history.